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Mind Space

of Cecilia Pakravan


Communication sometimes tends to make things more strange than they are, and in addition, communication can create conflicts between us. But communication is also a basis for common action, common endeavors and clarity between people. Without communication there would be no development!


With a focus on business benefit, structure and systematic working methods, I can suggest quick and well documented results that customers can use as a basis for their business development.

Tough competition requires constant renewal and change. The ability to succeed therefore depends on good preparedness and competence to drive change work.


Corporate social responsibility,
my professional goal is to continue to work on important issues in sustainable development and it is my complete conviction that we can influence and create change through images and clear messages.

Me in a nutshell


A good picture is based on great cooperation and preparation. I continue to learn during every photoshoot since every job challenges me to be my very best.

Business woman

Over the years I have succeeded in combining creativity with my service- and sales-oriented personality in a way that makes customers feel confident and which in turn leads to collaborations and new opportunities.

A mother of 3

Raising kids is one of the toughest, challenging and most fulfilling jobs in the world. It has helped me be even more compassionate and disciplined. I look forward to apply that to new challenges work wise.

There is no business on a dead planet!

My work capacity extends from business and marketing strategies to web productions, IT development, PR, media, financial management, hedging, capital raising, advertising, print, film, photography, design etc. All this experience i can offer to an employer and customers while connecting the services to actively taking responsibility for our world.
- Cecilia Pakravan

What my customers and colleagues say

Cecilia is a really multi-tasking person. She is amazingly solution oriented, ready to listen and has a great working capacity.
-Lennart Engelhardt

Cecilia is passionate about her work, caring for colleagues and customers and fair in her dealings with everyone around her. She is the kind of person that can work in a team, lead the team or work on her own. She is never above learning something new and is good at adapting to new situations.
-Svein Wisnæs

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